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While we cannot give out estimates or prices over the phone without inspecting the damage (not even “rough” or “ball park” prices), we do appreciate that everyone is busy and taking time out of your day to shop around garages isn’t likely to be something most people would look forward to.

By completing the following form and attaching a few pictures, we should be able to provide you with an accurate repair cost without the need to visit our workshop until the job is booked in for repair.

The quality of the photographs you supply is important and to avoid us asking for additional pictures, it would be great if the following points are followed.

  1. We will need a picture that includes the Vehicle Reg Number and the make and model. A picture of the rear of the car in most cases would be ideal.
  2. Close up pictures are not great for us. If you can frame a picture that shows the damage and the full panel affected that is much better as we can always zoom in.
  3. Supply at least 2 pictures from different angles of any significant damage.
  4. If the damage doesn’t photograph well, such as a shallow dent or light scratch, try to point to it or change the angle so that any reflections make it more noticeable.
  5. If any new parts are required we may also need the chassis number. On most models sold in the UK, this can usually be found in one of the lower corners of the windscreen while looking from the outside. usually the lower left corner made up of a mixture of 17 numbers or letters.

Just fill out the boxes below and we will prepare and send a fully costed estimate to the email address provided.


see point 5 above for locating your chassis / VIN number

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